Lecture 25

Lecture 25 - We each have own self Shepards dramaturgy:...

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Lecture 25 Realistic Drama o Accessible o Linear, cause and effect o Behavior given significance o Stable World o Empathy Non-realistic Drama o Disrupts the illusion o Challenges assumptions o Context over character o Defamiliarizes o Challenges easy communication Shepard and Postmodernism o “Modo”/modern = “just now” o “Pomo”/postmodern = “after just now” Onion – layers and layers and at the center its hollow, no fixed center o Character from the Greek word = “stamp”
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Unformatted text preview: We each have own self Shepards dramaturgy: Double Nature o Anti-realistic drama o Plots fracture image of a stable reality o Characters bleed. Combine, explode myth of integrated self o Language becomes vehicle for competition, aggression, violence o Identity crisis repeated in demolition of civilized world o Focus: postmodern experience and combustible human nature...
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