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Lecture 26 - o Self-invention identity Mamets Dialogue o...

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Lecture 26 Method acting o A Streetcar Named Desire o Rebel Without a Cause o Mean Streets American Realism o A Raisin in the Sun – structured, ordered experience American Anti-Naturalism o True West – stability exploded, some gaps in logic that we needed to fill in for ourselves American New-Realism o Glengarry Glen Ross – starts in the middle of a conversation, we have to catch up, deliberately disrupted structure, disjointed nature is reinforced by fragmentation of language throughout entire play Act I – Chinese restaurant Act II – sales office “Tragedy is the consequence of a man’s total compulsion to evaluate himself justly” -- Arthur Miller, Tragedy and the Common Man Core American Beliefs/Myths o Self-determination o Individualism
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Unformatted text preview: o Self-invention: identity Mamets Dialogue o Marked by interruptions, broken thoughts, repetitions, cross-talk o Speech is a tool in struggle, competition, one-upsmanship, dominance: the profanity factor o Language used to manipulate as much as communicate o Language proves inadequate open to interpretation and misinterpretation o Themes of language, manipulation, and power all converge Mamets Dramaturgy Always be closing o Neo-realism o Fragmented plots question cause and effect o Characters lack capacity for self-awareness o Language becomes vehicle for dominance, manipulation, power o New realism skeptical or realist assumptions o Focus: cultural breakdown and disenfranchised individual...
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