Lecture 27

Lecture 27 - o Interpersonal relationships that’s overlap...

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Lecture 27 American Realism o A Raisin in the Sun American Anti-Naturalism o True West American Neo-realism o Glengarry Glen Ross American Magic Realism o Realistic drama that is sprinkled with supernaturalism or elements of fantasy o Angels in American, Part I: Millennium Approaches (Absorbs something from all the styles we’ve studied) A Gay Fantasia on National Themes “Fantasia” comes from music, free, combines multiple elements A synthesis of semester forms and techniques o Scale and mythic dimension of Greek Drama o Humanism of Elizabethan theatre o Social consciousness of realism o Wit of Wilde o Political focus of epic theatre o Existential self of absurdists o Realist through postmodern critiques of Hansberry, Shepard, Mamet Roy; Louis and Prior; Joe and Harper – characters in Act I
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Unformatted text preview: o Interpersonal relationships that’s overlap in the course of the play • Belize/Angel – need other people, virtue in selflessness • Acknowledges supernatural and cosmic experience like Greek theatre • “Tragedy is the consequence of a man’s total compulsion to evaluate himself justly” --Arthur Miller • Kushner’s Dramaturgy o Magic realism o Episodic narratives in dialectical relationship o Characters embody the contemporary spectrum o Prose and poetry combine in ideas and expression o Literal and lyrical planes in all aspects of playwriting and staging o Focus: the roles of reality and imagination in the process of change •...
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