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Unformatted text preview: Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations Request Form Name: ___________________________________________________ Proft Center (CF): __________ Date: _______________ Estimated Cost: __________________________________________ Budgeted Expense ( circle one ): Yes No Advertising/Marketing Area Branch(es) _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Region(s) ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Corporate (i.e. all regions) Please check the appropriate box. Type o advertisement/marketing piece Print Ad Billboard Outdoor Banner Lobby Poster Brochure Insert (statement stuffer/handout) Postcard Mailing/Call List Flyer Other (e.g. sponsorship, promotions, etc.) ___________________________ Advertisements Size/Measurements: _______________________________________________________ Color: B & W 1-color 2-color 3-color 4-color...
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This document was uploaded on 10/26/2011 for the course MASS COMMU 4303 at Texas State.

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