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Test Review stats test 2 - 1 kick same number of times and...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 kick same number of times and alternate girl boy or boy girl. Ho wmany way s can a line up be made for one round of kicking? 28800 2certain shipment 14 modems 4 defective. 11 of modems sellected randoml. What is probability that 3 of the 11 are defective 10 are not defective 0.4945054945 or 0.4945054945 3teacheer needs to pick 10 books for reading list. Choices 4 novels, 6 plays, 7 poetry, 7 nonfiction. step 1 wants to include no more than 2 poetry books, how many different possiblities. (7 (17 + (7 (17 + (7 (17 sum of these * 0) 10) 1) 9) 2) 8) 10! 2540624486400 step 2 wants to include all 4 novels 1.4065E+011 4oreding a pizza and server says three toppings, black olives, ham and sausage. Cannot decide on toppings wants surpris, srever randomly chooses which topping to add, what is probablitly that she gets just sausage. #successes/#possible outcomes 0.125 5shawn is planting tress and has 6 birch and 6 eucalyptus. What is probablity that he randomly plants trees that the two types alternate....
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