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Unformatted text preview: Ikea Radio: 30 HER: Honey. HIM: Yes, sweetheart? HER: Why are you always out with your friends? Am I not enough for you? HIM: What are you talking about? HER: You’re always out doing something and I’m always at home waiting for you. HIM: That’s not true. HER: When was the last time we went out on a date? HIM: How about that one Thursday night? HER: That was 3 weeks ago! HIM: What do you want from me? HER: I want you to understand! HIM: I said what do you wa– (gets cuts off). MAN: Excuse me guys? HIM & HER: Yes? MAN: So, how does the kitchen feel? HIM & HER: (Pause.) Perfect, we’ll take it. ANNCR: Download the free, easy-to-use IKEA kitchen planner at, also located at 1 IKEA Way in Round Rock. Ikea TV: 30 1. OPEN on FS of a bunch of young adults in a dorm-like room with Ikea furnishing. They are all gathered with a close group of friends talking and gossiping. 2. DOLLY R on FS moving in to the next room. You can see that it is a whole other setting from the first one, bringing out another personality from a different group of young adults. You can tell that they are into sports. 3. ZOOM IN to CU towards a door that opens, and when entering it on FS it shows another different setting with a different ‘clique’ of young adults. They are more relaxed and laid-back, playing video games on the sofa. MUSIC UP: “Dynamite,” by Taio Cruz starting at the beginning. (0:00 – 0:05) MUSIC DOWN and UNDER, MAN (VO): Ikea is offering new lower prices at the same great quality. (0:06 - 0:10) MUSIC UP FULL: “Dynamite,” by Taio Cruz. (0:11 – 0:16) 4. DOLLY L on FS moves along to a different dorm-like room with again another group of young adults. They seem like they are studying and learning about something on television. 5. ZOOM OUT on FS to the final setting. There are more young adults in this room jumping around having fun at a party. 6. DISS to FS TITLE with the bright blue and yellow Ikea logo. MUSIC DOWN and UNDER, WOMAN (VO): Ikea allows me to show my personality at affordable prices. (0:17 – 0:21) MUSIC UP FULL: “Dynamite,” by Taio Cruz. (0:22 – 0:26) MUSIC DOWN and OUT: Visit our website at W-W-W dot IKEA dot com. (0:26 – 0:30) ...
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