Reserach Paper- Rough Draft

Reserach Paper- Rough Draft - Michael Pereira College...

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Michael Pereira College Writing Brian Foley 4-17-11 Medicine Going Green Medicine is the one field that has never had a stagnant time in where they have not made forward progression towards better care. Curiosity is what drives doctors and researchers to discover new treatments and methods to further advance this already vastly growing field. Ever since the energy crisis hit, people have been more conscious about our environment, atmosphere and planet. Medicine has taken some time to come along and join the Green Movement but it is finally making landmark advances that will not only preserve our planets health, but also every patients’. One can take many steps in improving his or her awareness to the fact that they are harming the planet. All it takes is someone to point out their mistakes and the opposing party to realize their wrongs. This becomes a bit of a problem when the opposing party is the world, things can get complicated when trying to make that many people aware of their daily actions. This is what Michael Hernke and colleagues have been saying is the start to the Green Movement in medicine. In his paper “Green Medicine: A Primer”, Hernke explains that in order to get this ball rolling is to make people aware of what they are doing to harm the planet. “Essentially the green medicine movement says, 'Here are the basic ways we can stop messing up as a community,'" Hernke says. "It provides for
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preventative thinking, a precautionary approach for living one's life, to doing business, to healthcare.” We have to realize that everything comes from the earth
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Reserach Paper- Rough Draft - Michael Pereira College...

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