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Reserach Paper- Second - Michael Pereira College Writing...

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Michael Pereira College Writing Brian Foley 4-17-11 Medicine Going Green Medicine is the one field that has never had a time in where they have not made forward progression towards better care. Curiosity is what drives doctors and researchers to discover new treatments and methods to further advance this already vastly growing field. Our planets health has never been more important and with healthcare leading the way in waste production. Ever since the energy crisis hit, people have been more conscious about our environment, atmosphere and planet. Medicine has taken some time to come along and join the Green Movement but it is finally making landmark advances that will not only preserve our planets health, but also every patients’. Sustainable medicine has never really been thought to exist, but when we take a look at the advances that have been made in recent times we see that medicine has gone green in many distinctive ways that we will take a look at. “Green or sustainable medicine recognizes the link between the environment, medicine and human health” says AMCH, “and seeks to provide better health care while protecting our limited environmental and medical resources.” Green medicine now a days can range from Homeopathy 1 to purifying air in the hospitals to prevent air born toxins from spreading. Advances are being made in 1
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all aspects of medicine. Homeopathic medicine is making a breakthrough in all types of research studies and laboratories. It is a more cost efficient, natural, and most importantly the safest forms to practice medicine. “It can be effectively used in pregnant women and newborns. Its natural medicines that come from mineral, plant and animal worlds.” (AMCH). This is just one example of how green medicine is making these difficult procedures, healthier and safer for everyone.
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