todds final - Todd Cresta College Writing My Quote Having a...

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Unformatted text preview: Todd Cresta College Writing My Quote Having a wide variety of life experiences is so valuable in molding a person’s character. I am determined to succeed no matter what obstacles I face, because simply that is the way I work. Recently, I have worked hard setting goals to build character and mature myself into a more productive adult, but as a teenager I never did think this straight. I noticed my group of friends didn’t have any intention of amounting to anything either and it rubbed of onto me. Growing up living in Lowell, Massachusetts has molded me into who I am today without a question. Living with my single mom since I was 8 years old, and having three brothers and two sisters from ages two to twenty-one has opened me to a lot of different situations. Fist fights over the controller, drunk and under aged siblings (gave me some motivation) and nearly anything else you could name I have seen it. Even with a nonconventional upbringing I consider myself a pretty normal and social person, but I do have my dark sides like anybody else in this world. I believe peoples own personal life experiences reflect their character and thought processes when facing certain situations. An innocent upbringing in a white dominated neighborhood is nothing similar to the place I grew up in. Where I am from having white skin is the minority in schools, and an innocent childhood is highly unlikely. I started smoking, “The Gateway Drug”, at the age of 14 and soon I had moved onto different and other harder drugs such as ecstasy and painkillers. Without my dad in the picture and my mom working two jobs, finding a way to get fucked up at home was way too easy for me. The cities fiends (drug addicts) flood the streets using crack, heroin and basically...
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todds final - Todd Cresta College Writing My Quote Having a...

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