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Todd Cresta Brian Foley College Writing March 10, 2011 My Metaphor Weighs Tons It is human nature for a person to feel the need to collect things for their own personal reasons. Collections allow people to express themselves through a multitude of items like fulfilling one’s own personal desires or gaining wealth through collectables. Some valuables are considered to be worth more than all the money by owners because they hold personal value in the owner’s heart that no buyer can conquer with cash. In the essay, “My Metaphor Weighs Tons” the author, William King, has a real problem with collecting and holding onto items worth little or no real value like labels, boxes and bottle caps because to him they represent more. The essay caused me to recall the collections I had once put together myself such as my trophies that I was so proud of as a child. Yet the drastic differences between the writer and my own views on our collections are undeniable, and this a reflection on who he is as a person. His hoarding problem has caused me to reconsider collecting anything at all for the rest of my life even if that option does seem to be a little extreme. Before reading this essay I had assumed collecting harmless things like beer caps was fine, but now I see that it can be the start to ruining your life. The symptoms of hoarding start with the hesitation
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of throwing something away, even when there is no more use for the item. These “valuables” eventually accumulate to such a degree that it overwhelms the people involved in the dilemma and it ruins their life. Mr. King is a prime example of a person having the hoarding disease, and when reading about his condition in this essay it forced
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Todd Cresta - Todd Cresta Brian Foley College Writing March...

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