Notes-2 - The cell uses specially design protein machines...

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Biochemistry 100-Lecture 2 03:24 YOUR GENOME is an individual master plan for building “you”- made up of two  independent genomes into one Your genome is a different version of the Human Genome. Gene Expression:  EM part of E. coli genome: we can quantify DNA information: each position has 1 of 4  bases=2 bits of information  Thus, 5100 nucleotides of polyoma DNA is 2x5100 = 10200bits or 1275 bytes (1 bytes=8  bits) E. coli genome has 4.6 million nucleotides = 9.2 million bits or 1.15 megabytes of  information  Human: 750Mb Indian Muntjak- has genome similar to human genome, has 3 pairs though Gene: is a length of DNA letters that contain an instruction for a cell to follow
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Unformatted text preview: The cell uses specially design protein machines to read the information in genes. Transcription- take selected gene in the genome and make a RNA transcript Translation- when you take the RNA transcript and make a protein. DNA Replication process: Information duplicated-mitosis (DNA being split) Archived information- RNA synthesis Retrieved information-RNA made Molecular machine-Protein made RNA polymerase: molecular machinery that makes the copy of RNA mRNA is very unstable Biology often uses pathways to make things happen, genes work via a pathway called the flow of genetic information. 03:24 03:24...
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Notes-2 - The cell uses specially design protein machines...

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