assign13 - Intro Macro N Sheflin ASSIGNMENT 13 NOTES...

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I n t r o M a c r o N . S h e f l i n ASSIGNMENT 13 NOTES : Capital and Interest and Interest Rates and Bonds. Two more assignments after this. RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS - if you will miss class due to religious holidays, please go to the HOLIDAY form and complete it. There will be no penalty for class missed due to religious reasons, but you are responsible for the material and assignments and homework. Do the reading, look at slides, post questions on appropriate chat room INVESTMENT GAME – ROUND 5 – Derivatives – reading, no doing. END OF SEMESTER AND FINAL EXAM INFORMATION LAST CLASS – Monday May 2 o Investment Game ends at market close on Friday 4/29 Results and Prizes Monday 5/2 in class HELP/INFORMATION FOR THE FINAL EXAM o Review Guides and Essential Questions – coming in sakai week of 4/18 o Final Exam Question Board in Sakai also coming week of 4/18 o Study Groups -- Discussion Boards for arranging study groups will go up nearer to the final exam date o Question And Answer Classes – dates/times/places later 1. THREE COURSE EVALUATIONS/SURVEYS/POSTTEST –EXTRA CREDIT points for completing all 3 ; o Official University Course Evaluation – Available through Sakai starting 4/19 but I recommend doing this near to the last class o My Course Evaluation in Sakai – due within 24 hours after the final exam o My POST TEST in Sakai - due within 24 hours after the final exam FINAL EXAM Wednesday May 11 noon College Ave Gym **ANNEX** FINAL EXAM CONFLICTS – see me 4/18 or 4/21 with printed schedule showing your name, listing your courses, and showing their scheduled final exam times (go to ) “A student shall be said to have an exam conflict if that student has: More than two (2) exams on one calendar day. More than two (2) exams scheduled in consecutive periods. (E.g.: a student has exams scheduled for 4:00 - 7:00 PM and 8:00 - 11:00 PM on one day and 8:00 - 11:00 AM on the following day.) Two exams OFFICIALLY scheduled for the same exam period.” THERE ARE NO MAKEUP FINAL EXAMS UNLESS THERE IS AN OFFICIAL CONFLICT OR OTHER VERIFIED EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCE. OTHERWISE, THE FINAL EXAM MUST BE TAKEN AT THE SCHEDULED TIME
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assign13 - Intro Macro N Sheflin ASSIGNMENT 13 NOTES...

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