EC - Intro Macro N. Sheflin Extra Credit Doing one of the...

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1 Intro Macro N. Sheflin Extra Credit Doing one of the extra credit projects below can add up to 2% to your grade – enough to bring someone from a B+++ to an A, from a C+++ to a B, etc. However, if you are not doing well in the course, you should probably put more time in on the homework, reviewing ntoes, studying for the final, rather than doing the extra credit -- the extra credit cannot make up for failing grades on the final . Do any ONE of the following that appeals to you. Write your report as though addressing a clever friend who knew little economics, and use graphical or algebraic analysis as appropriate. Your work should be submitted via the ASSIGNMENT tool in Sakai as a WORD ATTACHMENT. It is due by the last class of the semester. DO NOT CHEAT . Your submission will auomatiucally be checked by TURNITIN for plagiarism and checked against previous submissions. Be very careful to cite any sources used, use only your own words, not use the work of others without citation. TO GET ANY CREDIT, YOU MUST : INCLUDE and answer THE QUESTIONS I provide (copy and paste any of the following questions right into your report). If you do not include my questions with your answers after each one, you will receive no credit. . NOT QUOTE from the book/article or anywhere else - Answer questions in YOUR OWN WORDS ANALYZE the material - you will be graded on your analysis, not your ability to summarize the source. RELATE the reading to what we are studying in this course. NOT write a book reports – ANSWER THE QUESTIONS NOT USE OTHERS WORK OR WORDS WITHOUT CITING THEM – don’t plagiarize (don’t copy and paste from Wikipedia, google searches, etc). Submit a 4-8 ‘typed’, double-spaced document in 11 point a word attachment via Sakai’s
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EC - Intro Macro N. Sheflin Extra Credit Doing one of the...

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