Lecture0901final - Objectives Understand the cellular and...

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Objectives Understand the cellular and molecular basis of Neuroscience Understand how signals are generated and processed Understand how the nervous system may be modified by experience Turn lecture into an active-learning environment.
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British Physiologist E.D Adrian (1889-1977) on the Mind-Brain Problem from his Banting Lecture in 1954 There is, first of all, a fundamental difficulty which does not seem to me to be soluble at all by experimental science-the difficulty of connecting physical and mental events, of bringing sensations and thoughts into the framework that we use so effectively for describing our external world. I cannot myself see how further knowledge of brain physiology will help us to reconcile mind and matter, but I am prepared to believe that a hundred years hence it will be difficult to understand why we ever puzzled about it. Even now there are many scientists and many philosophers who themselves find no difficulties and think they arise from faulty premises and outworn habits of thought. They may well be right. I should have more courage in thinking them wrong if I could forget the curious chapter in the history of biology when the scientific world was divided between the Ovists, who held that the embryo was a development of the ovum alone, and the Animalculists, who held that it was essentially a development of the spermatozoon. The notion that it might come from both together seemed too absurd to be considered-until something happened to break the spell and the joint origin became a reasonable idea. . No doubt the Renaissance produced many examples of the same sort, difficulties which vanished when ideas which had seemed inherent and unchangeable
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Lecture0901final - Objectives Understand the cellular and...

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