Jazz Ensemble Reaction Paper

Jazz Ensemble Reaction Paper - Patrick Hill MUS 185 Dr...

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Patrick Hill MUS 185 Dr. Tanner 13 April 2011 Jazz Ensemble Concert Due to my grandmother’s 80 th birthday and a job interview, I was out of town for the PanFest concert so I went to the Jazz Ensemble concert on Tuesday April 12 th in Hall Auditorium. This concert featured the Miami University Jazz Ensemble which was directed by Jeremy Long. Brad Goode, an established successful recording artist, was featured in this concert. The concert was held in Hall Auditorium, the same venue as Music without Borders. Despite the same venue, the audience and their behavior differed from the first concert. Music without Borders had a more eloquent, professional, and diverse audience; also Hall Auditorium was filled. The Jazz Ensemble concert’s demographics were mostly students who were dressed in very casual clothing; also Hall Auditorium was nowhere near full capacity. The audience from the first concert seemed to have more quiet and eloquent behavior where as this concert had audience members who were calling out to the band members. Despite this distraction, the band members seemed to be energized by the crowd and this energy translated into the music. The music the Jazz Ensemble played had a certain groove and flow to it that was very energetic. There seemed to be a loud dynamic to the songs which seemed to be a catalyst for the crowd and the players. The energy from the crowd was due to the volume of the horn section, and the players would in-turn get energized by the crowd. It was like a synergistic effect. This effect was also caused by the tempo of the music; it seemed to be very fast paced beats and very
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Jazz Ensemble Reaction Paper - Patrick Hill MUS 185 Dr...

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