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LAME - 4 What is kuma and what is its significance What...

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1. In what region of Africa are the Mande cultures located? West Africa, north eastern Guinea 2. What is the nyamaala or nyamakala class of people? How would we describe them? Class of hereditary professional artisans 1 blacksmith/sculptors,2 leatherworkers/potters 3musical-verbal artists (Jeli) 4 orators-nyamakala 3. What are the three areas of expertise or specialization for the jeli? Is there any split along gender lines regarding these areas of specialization? Speech, song, and instrument playing. Men learn all three. Women know speaking and song.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What is kuma, and what is its significance? What does it mean to be a "guardian of the word?" Conveying knowledge through speaking accompanied by music. 5. Notice the last names of all the performers or individuals referenced in this reading. What do you notice? What conclusions, if any, can you draw from this? Lower case last names. The last name doesn’t matter as much, they are all family? 6. Finally, compare music-making in the Mande culture with that of the Pygmy cultures we looked at yesterday. Have no idea, nor care to find out....
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