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1. How do you define social media? 2. On a scale of “very interested” to “not at all interested,” please indicate your feelings toward using social media sites for educational purposes. Very Interested – Somewhat interested – Neutral – Not very interested – Not at all interested 3. If any, for what purposes do you use social media related to your schoolwork or education? 4. Regarding the delivery of grades, test dates, or other class announcements, in which way do you most prefer to receive the information: handout (hardcopy), email, website (Blackboard), Facebook group, text message? 5. How deep within education should social networking be allowed to penetrate?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. On a scale of “extremely inappropriate” to “extremely appropriate,” please indicate your feelings toward students and professors being “friends” on social networks. Extremely inappropriate – Somewhat inappropriate – Neither – Somewhat appropriate – Extremely appropriate 7. How many hours do you spend on average each week using the following? Email? Web surfing? Social Media sites? Cellphone? 8. How often do you communicate with classmates via Facebook (or other social networks)? 9. If you have a Facebook, will you maintain it after graduation when entering the workforce? 10. How will your use of technology change in the next 5 years?...
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