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EMC Unit 2 Study Guide - Berger: Publicity Glamour...

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Berger: Publicity Glamour Surveyor/surveyed Nude/naked Lester: Shock advertising (definition and examples) (pg 69) o A form of advertising that deliberately startles and offends its audience by violating norms for social values and personal ideals o Controversial and unusual pictures are sometimes used to shock potential customers to get attention o Examples: At age 14, posed in tight-fitting jeans and cooed, “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins” Began the manifestation of “soft porn” Sat on toiled with panties below her knees, for the shoe company “taboo nature brought it attention” Perfume-crazed, open-mouthed, scantily clad, and sweaty models Campaign was called outrageous and irresponsible Sisley & Fashion Junkie campaign Young women with dark rings around their eyes “snorted” the white straps of a slinky dress from straws Barnardo’s Print ad of baby about to inject heroin Death and suicide scenes Propaganda vs. Persuasion (pg 77) o Persuasion uses factual information and emotional appeals to change a person’s mind and to promote a desired behavior. According to Aristotle, persuasion has the components Ethos o Refer to a source’s credibility Logos o Refer to the logical arguments used to persuade an individual o Whatever is being communicated should fit your personal view of how the world works Pathos o Refer to emotional appeals used in the persuasive argument o Testimonials from those with direct knowledge of a situation are often the most effective statements o Example: Sarah McLachlan and PSA video o Propaganda uses one-sided and often nonfactual information or opinions that appear to be facts, along with emotional appeals, to change a person’s mind and promote a desired
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behavior The use of spoken, written, pictorial, or musical representations to influence thought and action through debatable techniques Dominant culture o Dominant cultures are not designated by having the most members, but by having the most economic and political influence over an entire society. Dominant cultures can also have as members individuals who cross ethnic, racial, gender, and other lines. Alleys o The space between two columns of type Kerning o The space between individual letters Leading o The space between the horizontal lines of type Font o All of the letters and symbols that are possible with an individual typeface o For graphic designers, the attributes of plain text Boldface Italic Underlined White space o Negative space, space left unmarked Gutters/margins Space between columns, lines of type or figures and objects Justification o Text may be presented with margins that are aligned left and/or right, or centered o Left justified text is the most common style, with the right side of the text not justified
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EMC Unit 2 Study Guide - Berger: Publicity Glamour...

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