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Erick Liang Biology 100 2/13/08 Central Nervous System I. Pre-Lab Information A. Nervous system – tissues and organs that allow person to respond internally and externally to environment. 1. sensing, integration, effect 2. Two parts – central nervous system and peripheral nervous system 3. CNS includes brain and spinal cord 4. PNS includes sensory receptors and nerves B. Memory – physiological and anatomical changes between neurons in the brain C. Learning – change in behavior resulting from experience that lowers probability of a negative outcome. D. Cognitive Psychology – study of higher mental processes such as memory, reasoning, and learning and how memory works E. CNS characteristics of vertebrates 1. Phylum Chordata have dorsal hollow nerve tube, post-anal tail, post-pharyngeal gill slits, and a notochord 2. Sub-Phylum Vertebrata, reptilia, aves, osteichthyes.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Humans are in Class Mammalia, Sub- Phylum Urochordata has 2000 species, Sub-Phylum Cephalochordata has 14 species II. In-Laboratory Exercises A. Part 1 Gross Anatomy of the CNS 1. Obtain and use sheep brain to identify many major parts of the brain 2. Use human brain models to find major parts 3. Label frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal on brain 4. Locate prats of Cow spinal cord 5. Locate roots and parts of spinal cord model 6. Obtain spinal cord with vertebra model and notice protective vertebrae 7. Obtain spinal column model and locate main parts including herniated disc B. Part II Memory Experiments 1. Effect of Pace on Recall 2. Effect of Interference on Recall 3. Effect of Organization on Recall 4. Effect of Organization on Completing a Task 5. Effect of Cooperation on Recall...
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