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- 1 - Name______________________________________ Dynamics of the Atmosphere 11:670:324 Spring 2010 Dr. Anthony J. Broccoli Final Exam May 11, 2010 Unless otherwise noted, please answer each of the following questions in the blue book. Read each question carefully before formulating your answer. Show intermediate steps in any calculations. 1. Given the following equation, answer the questions below: r F g p V dt V d r r r r r + + × Ω = ρ 1 2 |___| |______| |_____| |__| |__| A B C D E a. What is the complete name of this equation? (2 points) b. For each term on the right side of the equation, please indicate if that term represents a real force, an apparent force, or a combination of real and apparent forces. (4 points) 2. Please write just the y-component of the equation given in question 1. Which are the two largest terms in the equation you have written? (6 points) 3. Write the mathematical expression for the expansion of the total time derivative of temperature, T, in the (x,y,z) coordinate system. (5 points) 4. List the physical principle (e.g., conservation of…) which provides the basis for each of the following: a. continuity equation b. thermodynamic equation c. momentum equation (3 points) 5. The surface wind at a weather station is blowing from 330
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sample_final - Name_ Dynamics of the Atmosphere 11:670:324...

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