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Dynamics of the Atmosphere 11:670:324 Spring 2011 Material to know for first hourly exam: 1) Expansion of total derivatives 2) Evaluating sign of derivatives and wind components 3) Decomposition of vectors into components 4) Vector operations, especially uses of del operator (curl, divergence, gradient) 5) Effects of rotating reference frame (i.e., terms introduced into momentum equation via rotation effects) 6) The fundamental forces: description, name, and mathematical representation of each
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Unformatted text preview: 7) Definition of effective gravity 8) Identification of terms in unscaled momentum equations 9) How to scale an equation, scaling values for large-scale motions, how to simplify an equation after scaling 10) Geostrophic motion: meaning, mathematical representation, force diagrams 11) How to write the scaled momentum equations. 12) How to write the hydrostatic equation and what it implies 13) Continuity equation: derivation, physical principles, meaning of individual terms, scaling...
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