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Dynamics of the Atmosphere 11:670:324 Spring 2011 Additional material to know for second hourly exam 1) Implications of chaos for numerical weather prediction 2) Pressure coordinates; momentum equation in pressure coordinates; characteristics of pressure coordinates 3) Hydrostatic balance; hypsometric equation 4) Thickness: meaning, derivation, implications 5) Natural coordinates: how they are defined, mathematical representation of horizontal momentum equations 6) Special types of balanced flow: geostrophic, inertial, cyclostrophic and gradient,
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Unformatted text preview: including force diagrams for each 7) Thermal wind: meaning, derivation, determination of type of thermal advection 8) Barotropic versus baroclinic: differences, seasonal/geographical variations 9) Continuity equation in pressure coordinates; :kinematic method of determining vertical velocities; relationship between horizontal divergence and vertical motion 10) Calculating horizontal divergence 11) Divergence in natural coordinates...
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