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BIO 100 Bioinformatics Lab

BIO 100 Bioinformatics Lab - chose the particular tumor...

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Abstract A gene is a single unit of heredity in any and all living organisms . Genes reside on a stretch of DNA that codes for a protein or an RNA chain that has a function in the organism. Genes themselves are what specifies all proteins and functional RNA chains; Genes hold all the genetic information to make and maintain all the proteins for a living organism. All genes exists in all tissues in the body, but not all may be expressed in every tissue and organ at the same time, because not every protein is needed in every part of the living organism simultaneously. Refer to Diagram 1 for an illustration of a gene. Diagram 1 Introduction The purpose of this laboratory was to ‘cure cancer’ in a figurative sense. As a group, we
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Unformatted text preview: chose the particular tumor site to be the lung, meaning lung cancer, and we chose a protein from jellyfish that marks tumor cells. We used the PubMed database to locate a full length mRNA that included the 5 prime start and 3 prime end. The information I am about to present in this lab re-port is interesting to a broad audience, because cancer, specifically lung cancer, is common, and as of now there is no cure. Computer program like the ones we worked with are allowing scient-ists to research and learn all they can about it in effort to cure cancer....
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