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Global Perspective Paper - Olga Botea 5/03/2011 Global...

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Olga Botea 5/03/2011 Global Perspective Paper It was very interesting to look back upon my Arts Genealogy paper with the completion of this course, the Lively Arts. In my Arts Genealogy, at the beginning of this semester, I dis- cussed how I had begun to grow interests as a child in reading and writing creatively, visual art, especially painting, and performance. If I were to rewrite this paper now, I would add another type of lively art that I have come to enjoy through this class onto my list. Although I am not very good at distinguishing jazz and classical music era’s, I found myself able to better enjoy and understand lyric-less music. One of the first lecturers to speak to our class was William Brown, who is better known by his students as Bill Bob. I greatly enjoyed his performance partially because I have taken a prior class with his teaching it, but mostly because his performance was great. I remember this really interesting dance where he used his fingers as a gun, a snake, and many other objects; dur- ing one point it appeared that his finger was pulling his whole body across the stage. Other per- formances that I really enjoyed were the Philadenco Dance Company and the lecture on theatre
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Global Perspective Paper - Olga Botea 5/03/2011 Global...

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