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Erick Liang Biology 100 2/4/08 Anatomy and Histology I. Pre-lab Preparatory Information A. Orientation terms- posterior (side farthest away) and anterior (side toward front) B. Bilateral symmetrical (one equally dividing plane along midline), Cephalized (having head region), Radially symmetrical organism (sectioned along radii to form equal parts), and asymmetrical (lacking any equal dividing plane) C. Four basic tissue types – epithelial, connective, muscle, and nervous D. 3 types of epithelial – squamous, cuboidal, and columnar. Can all be arranged as simple layer of cells or stratified multiple layer of cells. i. Epithelial has 3 functions – protection, secretion, absorption E. Connective tissues have 4 types – cartilage, bone, blood, and tendons which are all living cells embedded in an extracellualr matrix. F. Muscle tissue 3 types – skeletal, smooth, and cardiac G. Smooth muscles can not be controlled (heart beating and such) H. Nervous tissue is mix of neurons and accessory cells known as neuroglia. 3 types of
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