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Goldfish Lab

Goldfish Lab - (Alan Hwang 103777115 Materials and Methods...

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(Alan Hwang 103777115) Materials and Methods In this experiment, we decided that we wanted to test the effect of extra light on goldfish metabolism. We recorded the amount of goldfish metabolism by calculating how much of the dissolved oxygen in the water they used for respiration. We set up an experiment to either accept or reject our null hypothesis (The presence of extra light does not affect goldfish metabolism) in this way: We collected four fish and weighed two of them. In the mean time, we emptied the oxygen chamber, where the fish would be swimming, and added 200 mL of fish water. We then added the two fish and 200 more mL of fish water into the oxygen tank and sealed it. Connected to the oxygen tank was a sensor that was able to detect the amount of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) in the tank in milligrams per liter. This set up was connected to a computer, on which an application was able to actively record the amount of DO over twenty second intervals. After we allowed the goldfish two minutes to acclimate to their new environment, we recorded the oxygen concentration data every 20 seconds for ten minutes. In the meanwhile, we observed the fish behavior. When the ten minutes passed, we transferred the recorded data onto an Excel spreadsheet, created a graph and found the slope of the linear regression line. This was the control part of our first trial as we did not shine any artificial light onto the oxygen chamber; the only light present was the ambient light from the lab room. After the ten minutes, we opened the tank and took out 200 mL of the old fish water and replaced it with 200 mL of new fish water. We then re-sealed the chamber and turned on the lamp, which was our source of extra light. We shone it directly onto the chamber, and let the fish acclimate to its new environment again for two minutes. After this two minute acclimation period, we again recorded the oxygen
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concentration data every 20 seconds for 10 minutes and observed the fish’s activity. We found
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