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In science, significant figures are of vital importance when it comes to precision lab measurements and calculations. The first measurement above, 0.0034 g, has two significant figures, even though it’s very precise. The zeros are simply place-holders and thus are not significant because they are to the left of the first non-zero number. This measurement can also be written using scientific notation as 3.4 x 10 -3 . Using scientific notation is very convenient in expressing significant figures because it tells you exactly how many significant figures are in the number. The amount of digits in the first term is
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Unformatted text preview: equal to the overall amount of significant numbers in the quantity. The measurement 150.0 m has four significant figures. Because there is a zero to the right of the decimal point and it is after a non-zero number, it is considered significant. The last measurement 120 yd has two significant digits. The zero is simply a place-holder because there is no decimal and non-zero numbers to the right of it. It is important to be able to determine the number of significant figures properly because they tell us how precise a measurement is and gives a more accurate error analysis....
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