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Alan Hwang Soc 19 May 9, 2010 Show People Show People is a silent film directed by King Vidor that was released in 1928. It takes place in Hollywood and is about a young girl and her dream to become a famous actress. This is a motif that is very common in early Los Angeles movies. Most of the people in this movie are white, as is expected in this time period. The whole movie revolves around the main character in her quest to become an actress. There is a romance in this movie. At first, she is on very good terms with Billy Boone, who is a slapstick comedian. However, this is considered a lower level form of entertainment. As she becomes more and more famous, she also becomes more and more conceited. She eventually grows apart from him and falls for her co-actor, who turns out
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Unformatted text preview: to be a fake count. They are going to get married but on the day of the marriage, Billy comes back and stops it by spraying some water in her face. This reminds her of the good old times so she comes back to him and snaps out of her new personality. Hollywood had changed her into a haughty woman, and this portrayal of Hollywood I think is an accurate portrayal of how people thought of this town back then. There is some car culture in the movie, but not really centered around Los Angeles. The actress’ Dad drives them to LA so that she can start a new life. Overall the mood of the movie was funny, and it has a happy ending....
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