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Alan Hwang Soc 19 April 27, 2010 American Graffiti “American Graffiti” is a 1973 movie produced and co-written by George Lucas. It takes place in the early 60s on the last night before college for a group of high school graduates in what seems like a suburb of Los Angeles. This movie really showcased the car culture that is associated with Los Angeles. There were very few scenes where cars were not featured. The main location of the movie was the drive in burger place. The high school kids just drove around the city the whole night, engaging in different activities. The movie featured a romance between two high school lovers, and while they started the night broken up because the boy was going off to college, the end of the movie came around and the boy decided to not go off to
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Unformatted text preview: college anymore and stay with the girl. There was no ethnic diversity; I think there was a grand total of one black person in the movie. There were no Latinos, Asians, or any other race, and all the main characters were white. The suburbs do seem to play a role, so that would make sense for the movie to take place in Los Angeles, where it sprawls a lot. There is some crime depicted in the movie, namely underage drinking, a hold up, teenage mischief and a lot of car racing. This movie depicts an earlier period; it was made in the early 70s but depicted a time period about ten years earlier. I would say that the city is depicted favorably; maybe a little boring. The people all seem to be of the same social bracket. The police are depicted unfavorably, they are mean ....
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