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Alan Hwang Soc 19 April 13, 2010 Godzilla (1998) Unlike “Armageddon,” the other movie that I wrote about, this one had a bigger relation with the city of New York. The city was the setting for most of the movie, and provided a backdrop upon which Godzilla wreaked havoc. A huge part of this movie was the landmarks in the city. The Madison Square Garden, the Chrysler building, the Brooklyn Bridge as well as other notable New York City landmarks are featured prominently in the movie, as Godzilla destroys directly or indirectly many of these places. The sociology of how regular people are portrayed in this movie is hard to analyze, as most of the city evacuates as soon as Godzilla lands in Manhattan.
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Unformatted text preview: However, the military and politicians do play a big role in this movie. The military seemed pretty incapable of killing Godzilla, as their nuclear submarine missiles do not kill it. Also, the bombs from the jet fighters do not wipe out every single egg, as it was supposed to. The mayor and the politicians are portrayed negatively, as they often are in New York movies. The central figures in the movie are a scientist and his girlfriend News reporter. The scientist is in charge of studying Godzilla, and the news reporter uncovers the story. However, her boss steals her story and reports it himself, so that is an example of low moral fiber....
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