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Alan Hwang Soc 19 Armageddon: New York The movie Armageddon is a disaster movie about an asteroid coming to hit the earth, so it is not really set in one city but rather in a bunch of different cities, and space. One of the cities that is depicted in the movie is New York. In the beginning of the movie, an African American youngster is riding his bike and walking his dog. He is talking to a person selling magazines and newspapers at a newsstand while his dog attacks a Hawaiian looking guy who is selling action figure Godzillas. I think this is a typical depiction of New York in movies. Ethnic minorities, especially African Americans are shown in New York. The disaster is the main part of this movie, and it plays a major role. An asteroid is coming to hit Earth and a team assembles to destroy this asteroid. Many politicians
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Unformatted text preview: appear in this movie, including the president. They are all related to Washington DC, however, and is thus not affiliated with New York. There is a romance in this movie, and it works out for the best. AJ was doomed to die, but somehow made it back to his girlfriend/ fiancé. It was pretty cute, but very unrealistic to me in my mind. I’m not sure how New York is portrayed when it comes to romance, but it was a good romance in this movie. There is some crime in this movie, but it did not play a big role. In this movie the New Yorkers were kind of portrayed as unfriendly. This is probably a common stereotype, as I am pretty sure I have seen this in many other movies....
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