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Week 2 Answers

Week 2 Answers - Chemistry 30A — Week 2 Covel Tutorials...

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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry 30A — Week 2 Covel Tutorials Objectives: Become familiarized with the “language” of O—Chem — Lewis Structures Learn bonding theory to explain chemical reactions/properties Visualize and identify major functional groups Predict and assess important resonance structures 99°59? Major Functional Groups and Examples: [OCijz H M /g\ Lewis Structures, Orbitals and Resonance: Review Chapter I .2 for practice on drawing lewis structures, formal charge, electronegativity and hybridization of orbitals. Concept Check: — Draw structures given molecular formula (including assigning charges) - Understand polarity of bonds/molecules based on electronegativity differences — Basic shapes of molecules (Trigonal planar, Tetrahedral, etc.) — Orbital Hybridization Example: Circle/Identify all major functional groups and Identisz Hybridization and Shape of Indicated Atoms ff»? alcohol r-fi OH 06 d 5V1 « “3"” (’LNVN Acetominophen f’ e A ~ i J.‘ (a _ [(PK :3 \L~I’U ’ / i 1. \ a " Vt \ 3 L NH C/CH .M It)“ 9 — - 3 ._ 0 9W ‘ r II x W «M /7 O C I For additional application, see practice problems. L3 .5 V5 k WA M Resonance: “Pushing Electrons” Basic Rules for Writing Acceptable Contributing Structures: 1. A11 structures must have the same number of valence electrons/total number of electrons 2. All structures must obey octet rule 3. Position of all atoms must be fixed Example: Draw at least two additional resonance structures for the given molecules. 1. (:3 (-3 (53? do an fit "\a’» m /LO\_ / A“: i \ NM '5 N7? N/\,A “’7 ‘IV’I’ / e T v a] v‘ 9 2. Rules for ranking the most favorable or lowest energy resonance structures. When determining most favorable, must consider each rule IN THIS SPECIFIED ORDER. Filled Valence Shells (Obey the octet rule) Maximum number of covalent bonds (Bonding is more a more favorable energy state) Least separation of unlike charges (Charges stablize each other) Negative charge on the more electronegative atom (EN atoms stablize charge better) PP’NT‘ Example: For previous examples, determine the most and least favorable resonance structures and explain why. Practice: For each of the following: (a) Circle and Identify key functional groups (b) Identify hybridization and geometry of indicated atoms Cocaine Vicodin all“ Wm,th Penicillin ‘0?- Lipitor aMIll— / H N S Q o N 0 WM (ate /\ OH O - (Ema/We (Add ...
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