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Exam II Formula Review Math 32A The midterm will test your understanding of the con- cepts underlying these formulas. As a first step in your exam preparation, memorize the answers to each of these questions. You must do challenging problems in prepara- tion for the exam; this handout should only supplement other review materials. 1. Intrinsic properties of curves. Given a differen- tiable curve r ( t ), provide expressions for the follow- ing quantities. If a quantity is listed twice, provide two different equations. v ( t ) = v ( t ) = T ( t ) = N ( t ) = κ ( t ) = κ ( t ) = 2. Motion in three-space. Given a curve r ( t ), relate r ( t ), v ( t ), and a ( t ). Use only the terms provided. Hint: where appropriate, use the fundamental the- orem of calculus. Write v ( t ) in terms of r ( t ). Write a ( t ) in terms of r ( t ). Write v ( t ) in terms of a ( t ) and v 0 = v ( t 0 ). Write
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