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Anthropology 33: Culture and Communication Lecture 4 Handout (October 5, 2011) Readings: E. Ochs, T. Kremer-Sadlik, K. Gainer Sirota, and O. Solomon. 2004. “Autism and the Social World: An Anthropological Perspective,” Discourse Studies May 2004 6: 147-183. Goodwin, C. [1994]. Professional Vision. In Reader , Ch. 19. Autism and the Social World: Sociological theories about the way society is structured are relevant for understanding the challenges people with autism face. Importance of stable patterns of social behavior and meaning for people with autism. On the other hand… Agent-centered improvisational models depict aspects of society that cause problems for people with autism. Anthropology can learn from autism: A study of autism . . . holds promise for enhancing theories of society and culture, in that both the struggles and the successes of those diagnosed with autism make evident what is most essential to participation in human society. Social competencies displayed by persons with autistic spectrum disorders have implications for delineating foundational properties of sociability. Conversely,
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Lecture4Handout_Anthropology_33 - Anthropology 33 Culture...

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