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anthro 33 project rough

anthro 33 project rough - PLEASE EDIT THE PAPER I WILL GO...

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PLEASE EDIT THE PAPER. I WILL GO TOMORROW WITH RACHEL TO SEE IF SHE CAN EDIT IT AS WELL AND GIVE US ADVICE TO IMPROVE THE PAPER. As a group of six members, we decided upon a setting that anyone who has walked the UCLA campus is familiar with. Bruin Walk is the heart and soul of UCLA where daily student events, club organizations, and any relevant student information are present. The unique setting of students distributing flyers appealed to us as a perfect opportunity to take a routine part of a UCLA student’s life, and observe the ordinary interactions through a anthropological perspective. The dynamic of soliciting or flyering provides a unique insight because unlike other social interactions, in most cases where a flyer is actually taken, the flyer provides the information instead of the actual solicitor. The solicitor is just there as a medium between what they are promoting and the recipient. So far we have observed four times over the past two weeks, positioning ourselves next to the participants for about an hour each time. We have observed both the times of rush and congestion to times of calmness and quiet. With a detailed ethnographic description of the setting, a brief description of what relevant articles we will be utilizing, visual documentation including photographs and a map/diagram of Bruin Walk, we will describe our exploration of the Bruin Walk community as dictated through our initial observations. Ethnographic description Bruin walk, a place where student organizations and member s of the UCLA community activities takes place on a daily basis. It is a walkway portal from student life to the classroom setting. Entering from t he bear statue, Ackerman Union, and the Student Activities Center marks the beginning of Bruin Walk. This concrete portal begins as a slightly narrow path with club, Greek life, and student organization’s two sided billboards that temporary advertise along the pathway, either for a specific event or searching for new members. Because of congestion and condense space, this area of Bruin Walk is ideal for temporary events or passing out information quickly. Students are more likely to also accept flyers at this area since it’s harder to avoid solicitors, due to the lack of space. When congested at the turn of each hour when classes are ending, the noise level reaches into the “outside voice”, where people are laughing, having conversations with other people or even talking on the phone. A noticeable rising of pitch and volume in each person who is passing out a flyer occurs when an intensification of movement happens for at least ten minutes out of each hour. Passing Ackerman Union towards the front of Kerkhoff building, the pathway suddenly widens into a more spacious and relaxed setting. This is where more of the established groups on campus are set up. These groups have respective tables set up daily to promote their organizations. Instead of relying on flyers to be passed out, most of the group members sit on the side tables having lunch and chatting with friends. The open
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