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CMCClass04.key (1) - CS 151: Computer-Mediated...

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Unformatted text preview: CS 151: Computer-Mediated Communication Class 4: CMC History Continued: Networks and Personal Computers Tim Groeling ( Today Announcements Last test of clickers today. Start uploading data soon. Register. If you have just added the class, come up after class to Fnd a group (group leaders who need another member: come up, too) Syllabus revision clariFcation: You need to give a live cite or URL for every suggested article (test them). Reminder: Weds ofFce hours next week shortened to 30 minutes because of aculty meeting. Honors section today after class. Can still join. Today: Internet creation; start talking about rise of personal computers Todays clicker question What format would you prefer to get the lecture outline pdf in? A) Tiny two-per-page, with blank space at right for notes B) Full two-per-page, and write notes on top of slides C) Full one-per-page, and write notes on top of slides D) Tiny one-per-page, with a huge amount of space for notes E) Some other format I havent mentioned Remote Access One of the most important computer innovations is the introduction of time sharing, in which many users across the nation have nearly simultaneous access to a central computer complex by teletype hookup. At M.I.T., Project MAC (for Machine-Aided Cognition) is already solving problems, answering questions and keeping books on an experimental basis for some 400...
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This note was uploaded on 10/26/2011 for the course COMM 151 taught by Professor Groeling during the Spring '08 term at UCLA.

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CMCClass04.key (1) - CS 151: Computer-Mediated...

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