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10/27/11 Unequal division of paid and unpaid work between men and women Impacts on women’s employment Companies organized around male ideal worker Ex. Meetings, schedules created with ideal workers in mind—exclude those with responsibilities at the household, elderly, relatives etc. Idea of hegemonic masculinity, emphasized feminity Man as a father—his status impacts how he is evaluated in work place o If father provides care and income that is acceptable o If father does not provide income—that is not masculine Theoretical explanations: Even after taking into account individual-level factors, still a sizeable gender gap remains unexplained
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Unformatted text preview: o Demand-side explanations: evidence from lab and field experiments indivates that employers use “status characteristics” in decisions about hiring and pay decision Gender Parenthood status Membership in racial/ethnic group o Policies and legacy of past policies o Unmeasured characteristics Measures to decrease gender pay gap? • Gender differences in individual-level characteristics o Edu. Attainment o Experience o Time spent in paid employment • Discriminatory practices by employers o Use of stereotypes in hiring, job assignment, promotion o Organizational practices (working time, scheduling) o Gender segragation...
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