Mass Comm Ch. 4

Mass Comm Ch. 4 - As the modern years approached,...

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Jay Ruhlman 9/11/08 “Chapter 4 Newspapers” First newspapers originated in China and mostly contained wisdom and advice from religious leaders during the time. Early newspapers in America were very partisan; especially on the issue of independence from Britain. News was also out of date by the time it reached the people because delivery in the colonial days was slow. The British put taxes on everything including a one cent tax on colonial newspapers.
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Unformatted text preview: As the modern years approached, newspapers began to be less and less partisan and became more objective. 40 African-American newspapers began circulating in the Civil War, beginning in 1827 Associated Press was established in 1848 Joseph Pulitzer / William Randolph Hurst Charles Dow and Edward Jones established the Wall Street Journal New York Daily News was established in 1929 and was considered the first tabloid...
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