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John Ruhlman 11/29/10 “Rewarding Solo Performance” “Are You Rewarding Solo Performance at the Team's Expense?” is an article written by Anne Field and was published by the Harvard Business School Publishing newsletter. In the article, Field writes about the dangers that occur when a management team gives bigger rewards and more praise for individual work and let go of the bottom 10% of the workforce. Field points out that when management teams employ these kinds of tactics, they jeopardize the importance and efficiency of the team effort when it comes to proposing new ideas. Individuals begin to come up with their own ideas and keep it to themselves out of their need for receiving the credit. Also, when individuals don't get input on their ideas from their co-workers or team members, the ideas are not as good and therefore bring down the strength of the company. The question Field poses in the article is how to motivate individual workers to not only strive to be the best, but for the best to remain at the best. The solution she poses is to
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