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Age_of_Earth_Study_Guide_-_GEOL_1001 - history Name the...

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Age of Earth Study Guide – GEOL 1001.4 Spring 2009 Terms to know and understand: Uniformitarianism Fossil Succession Angular Unconformity Radiometric dating Isotope Some important questions to examine: What are the principles that are used to assign relative ages in the graphic above? Stratigraphic correlation on a global basis allows for a nearly complete record of Earth’s
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Unformatted text preview: history. Name the Eons and the major historical significance in Earth’s history of each? How does half-life define the relationship among time, parent and daughter isotopes? Describe the early attempts at dating the Earth’s origin, and what the current best effort suggests. Why are most rock/strata ages based on igneous rocks, not sediments?...
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