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Ch.9 - Ch 9 Television Reflecting and Affecting Society...

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Ch. 9 Television: Reflecting and Affecting Society Average male watches 4 hr. 29 min a day and female watches 5 hr. 24 min. a day In 1927 Vladimir Zworykin, a Russian immigrant, created the first circuit to transform a visual image to an electronic image. Around the same time, Philip T. Farnsworth developed a similar system and won the patent for the first T.V. He was paid $1 million for his invention to be sold Early T.V. didn’t sell because there was no programming on the air and it cost too much for most of America to have in their home. T.V. growth stopped during WWII because most of the scientists were needed overseas for the military to develop radar, sonar, and missiles. T.V. audiences grew about 4,000% between 1947 and 1948. T.V. sales from 1948-1952 grew from 250,000 to 17 million in America. Kinescopes= poor quality films taken directly from T.V. monitors in the studios; forerunners of videotape recording.
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