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English 1001: Composition Christine N. Cowan Section 19: 9:40-10:30 MWF; Herget Hall Classroom 229A Allen Hall; 578-3126 Section 87: 10:40-11:30 MWF; Herget Hall Classroom 103 Herget Hall; 334-5323 Section 99: 11:40-12:30 MWF; Herget Hall Classroom email: Office Hours: WF 8:15-9:15 a.m. in Herget 103 TTh 10:00-11:30 a.m. in Allen 229A, and by appointment Course Description: English 1001 concentrates on reading and writing strategies as a basic foundation for the student’s further studies in college and his or her profession. An exploration of various writing tools, techniques, and processes, as well as focus on audience and purpose aids the student in learning the skills to read intelligently and critically and to write clearly and persuasively. Goals: As the first composition course a student takes in college, English 1001 surveys a variety of writing strategies and techniques. Students will read essays of the various kinds of writing they will be doing, analyze the techniques and vocabularies that good writers use, and practice using those techniques in their own writing. When possible, students will also use peer review sessions to hone their revising and editing skills and benefit from those of their classmates. The course has three papers, one career evaluation (a longer essay requiring research), one departmental assessment essay, and in-class work. By the end of the course, the student should be able to write for a particular audience, be familiar with various techniques in writing, and be able to use those techniques to construct a competent essay for a specific purpose. Tasks to Achieve Those Goals: –reading and assessing various types of essays –in-class responses to essays –peer review sessions to respond to others’ work –conferences to assess progress in writing –exercises to solidify various writing techniques –practice in writing various kinds of essays –development of research skills Course Requirements: 3 papers (2-6 typewritten pages on topics assigned, 15% each) 45% 1 departmental assessment essay 10% Class participation (in-class work, meetings, and participation) 20% 1 research essay with research component
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syllabus._fall_2008 - English 1001: Composition Christine...

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