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Marc Lecture Notes - Causes of fregoli • Damage to...

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Marc Lecture Notes -synaesthesia Feeling of having sensation in one modality when other modality is stimulated E.g. see different colours for each letter in alphabet, Grapheme colour synaesthesia Temperature sound Music colour Lexical flavour -Fregoli syndrome The belief that different people are in fact the same person changing appearances Familiar people ADDED to other people -capgras Delusion that involves thinking that a friend, spouse or parent has been replaced by an imposter Familiar people SUBTRACTED
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Unformatted text preview: Causes of fregoli • Damage to fusiform face area/ hippocampus (no long term face memory) Causes of capgras • Disconnect between Face Area and limbic system (which processes emotion) Prosopagnosia • The inability to perceive faces • “prosopon” Greek word for face Unilateral Neglect • The inability to perceive the left side of space • Damage to right side of brain • Disorder usually occurs after a stroke • 200,000 stroke patients in the US...
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