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REC 216 Cogan Columbia 180-191 1. What was so unusual about Columbia 30 th street studios? To start off, the studio used to be an old church. The size of the studio is what made it so special. It was one hundred feet by one hundred feet by one hundred feet. The construction was all old school so made of wood and even had the old school echo chamber with the balcony. The reverb was so immense that some engineers feared they wouldn’t be able to control it. The other place they recorded was the top floor of their 7 th Ave. building where the stairwells doubled as echo chambers. 2. What are some of the important albums recorded at 30
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Unformatted text preview: th street? “Bitches Brew” “The Freewheeling Bob Dylan” 3. Describe how the engineers would add echo to recordings. They added a natural echo chamber which used to be the balcony of the church. At 7 th Ave., they used the stairwells. They had someone on the top flight with a microphone and the sound would go through the entire 10 flight of stairs. 4. What equipment was Columbia using at 30 th street and 7 th avenue? They used Telefunken tube microphones such as the M-49, U-47, and U-67, they had a custom made CBS console and captured by Ampex tape machines....
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