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ACCY161_Sp11_Notes13 - ACCY 161 Spring 2011 Proprietary...

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ACCY 161 – Spring 2011 Proprietary Funds – Business-Type Activities – Chapter 7 ACCY161_Sp11_Notes13 Page 1 of 3 I. A Few Organizational Comments A. There is a difference between Enterprise Funds and Internal Service Fund: Customers: _________________________________________ B. Not the same as special districts like SMUD or Regional Transit C. Need to be under the control of the primary government 1. Funding 2. Governance or management 3. Debt 4. Salary structures can be an internal political problem D. Sometimes have their own financial statements in addition to the CAFR E. Use of internal service fund as a financing device Proprietary Funds Internal Service Enterprise Funds General Public Hospital Airport Some recreation programs City water districts Other Governmental Agencies Motor pool Information systems General services City attorney Governmental Funds Fiduciary Funds Business-Type Activities in Government-Wide Statements Governmental Activities in the Government- Wide Statements
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ACCY 161 – Spring 2011
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