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I arrived at the beginning of a very dramatic and emotional speech by Johannah Sherrill from Marlow. The speech was about her talking about her mentally ill sister. I enjoyed the speech her speech. However the mood was changed suddenly by the speech given by Kasey Mconnell also from Marlow. Her speech twisted old fairy tales in a very hilarious method. Her body language and the different accents made the speech much more enjoyable. The next segment of monologue was introduced by several young men dressed as Spartans in a very funny way. First Tylar Meade form Alva acted out a young girl that loves cotton candy in a very amusing manner and then changed the atmosphere quickly to a dark and dramatic as she played a lady questioning her religious beliefs. Next Ashtin Homes Dean from Tipton performed an entertaining
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Unformatted text preview: story of a woman in labor and then changed to teenager thinking about the consequences of her actions and getting an abortion. Both speeches were very well done and the changes in the two different acts were sudden but natural. Then the next segment of Dramatic Interp. was introduced by an act about a few nerdy kids at a dance, which was also very entertaining and well done. In this segment a young man by the name of Colton Seymour acted out three different characters. This act was my favorite part and was done extremely well. Even though it was only one actor performing the characters, I felt as if I could see each character. After him another group of boys came out acting as the Backstreet Boys explaining the next round of Humorous Duet Acting. Emma Dean and Chisholm Holland...
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