Introduction - Knight of the Night Once upon a time there...

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Knight of the Night Once upon a time there was a Knight named Lancelot who was brutally killed in the mead hall. You happen to be one of the six suspects at this bloody ball. All one of the three guards who were supposed to be standing tall, watching over the king’s great ball or one of the three guests that could have done this, after all. The King outraged at the fact that his best Knight was murdered at the night of the ball. Put you up on the wall and threatened to behead you all. Unless you can find who did this at the ball. But no one remembers what happened during the night at all. The words of Macbeth sound clear in your memory like a death call. Now it is up to you to go find Merlin and tell him who you think is behind this because it is Merlin who knows all. Objective The object of the game is to discover the answer to these three questions: 1st. WHO? Which one of the suspects did it? 2nd. WHY? Why did they do it? 3rd. WHAT? What did they do it with? The answer lies in the “Merlin’s Prophecy” envelope resting on “Merlin”. The envelope contains 3 cards. One card tells who killed Lancelot another card reveals why they did it, and the third card reveals the weapon used. The person, who journeys to the finish and by the process of elimination first identifies the 3 solution cards hidden in the “Merlin’s Prophecy” envelope, wins the game. Equipment (Knight of the Night) Game board Six colored tokens representing the suspects: Pvt. (Private) – Red, Capt. (Captain) – Blue, Lt. (Lieutenant) – Grey, Mary – Yellow, Hillary – White, Jack – Green Six Suspect Cards: Pvt. (Private), Capt. (Captain), Lt. (Lieutenant), Mary, Hillary, Jack Six Weapon Cards: Club, Chair leg, Beer mug, Sword, Rope, Mace
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Introduction - Knight of the Night Once upon a time there...

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