McatBooks - Here's my LONG list of suggestions if you want...

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Here's my LONG list of suggestions if you want to score well above a 30 for the MCAT. Or you can always skip to my summary at the bottom :D Kaplan Good: Books are great for reviewing the material, but not very specific to "thinking MCAT." Think of the material as a condensed version of the important stuff from your textbooks. The best section is the biology portion. far. I think the comprehensive review is VERY similar to the books they actually give you for the course (it also comes with a practice test at the end and a CD too if I remember correctly). The course has the added benefit of flashcards and they give you some practice tests and access to additional studying material. A friend of mine took the Kaplan class and scored in the 30's on his first try. Bad: Kaplan Comprehensive doesn't come with much practice material. If you do the course, then you'll have some access to more practice materials, but that's a lot of cash ($1400?). Alternatively, Kaplan does offer an MCAT workbook, MCAT 45 (passages harder than the real thing that are good if you're shooting for mid 30s or higher), and a book of MCAT practice tests. My friend studied with the book and scored high 30s on the first try, but he's brilliant to start with. Anyway, he said that the version he had had (2003 ed) mistakes in the Organic Chemistry portion. The pictures for physics aren't too pretty. Princeton Review Good: I took the Princeton Review course. It's review books are EXTREMELY comprehensive. In fact, they probably have TOO MUCH INFO that probably won't even be tested on the MCAT. There are questions included while you read to keep you active. They also give you a Science Review question book that not too many people use, but could be helpful-- feels like notecards. If you have a lot of free time you might like PR. The best part about PR is their science workbook and a verbal workbook (with a BUNCH or practice materials with explanations). This stuff is PRICELESS. If you finish the Science Review Workbook and the Verbal workbook you don't have an excuse to not score high. They also give you a book of four practice tests. It would definitely be to your advantage if you could get a hold of this practice material. Bad:
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McatBooks - Here's my LONG list of suggestions if you want...

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