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Once upon a time there was a little squirrel that lived in a forest and enjoyed eating seeds. His father told him "Never go beyond the edge of this forest for food". But he crept to the edge of the forest anyway and discovered a strange tree growing out of the ground. It was straighter than any tree he had ever climbed. Even stranger was the fact that it had a small box sitting at the top, and birds were hovering around. It was then that the little squirrel noticed seeds scattered all around the odd tree. "Go away little squirrel; this is our food." one of the birds spoke up. Without hesitation and ignoring the bird, little squirrel began to feed on the tasty food and even decided to climb the strange tree, and eat seeds straight out of the box at the top. The birds started squawking and something odd happened, a two-legged creature with the funniest looking fur came out of the cave, next to the strange tree, and the creature began waving his paws at the squirrel and yelling. Terrified, the little squirrel retreated to the forest.
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