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Pre LabSpectrophotometry - needed. Replace the cuvette with...

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Pre Lab Spectrophotometry Purpose: Learn to measure protein concentration using colorimetric spectrophotometry. Techniques: Label tubes with name, concentration and group number. Don’t label the cuvettes provided. If cuvettes are not enough for the eight samples in step 3A then use small test tubes. Steps: Spectrophotometer use: Turn on the spectrophotometer (30 minutes to warm up). Adjust wavelength, press mode to put the reading in absorbance. Add blank sample to cuvette and put it in the cuvette holder. Adjust reading to zero, change sensitivity as
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Unformatted text preview: needed. Replace the cuvette with the one that contains your sample. Bradford method: Prepare solutions of bovine serum albumin (BSA) and unknown. Make 5 diluted solutions for the standard. Prepare three unknown dilution samples. Prepare diluted Bradford reagent form the concentrated Bradford reagent. Measure the absorbances for the standard BSA solutions. Measure the absorbances for the undiluted unknown and the two diluted solutions....
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